History of the Greater Clemson Music Festival

In 2011 a small group of people, with a keen interest in blues music, organized what became the Greater Clemson Blues Festival. With encouragement and direction from Clemson Mayor Larry Abernathy the festival was launched. It was known as Nothin’ But the BluesFest that year and

was held over a three-day weekend.


As the Festival grew we realized we needed to encompass more than just Blues. We expanded becoming the Greater Clemson Music Festival; adding Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Gospel and Roots (Country.) The inspiration for the Festival comes from Littlejohn’sGrill, a popular African American restaurant/hotel/nightclub that existed just as WWII ended until about 1968. The owners of the Grill were Horace and Gertrude Littlejohn. The Littlejohns became famous for their good food and the quality entertainment they brought to the area. Dozens of well-known black performers of that era played Littlejohn’s Grill: James Brown, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, Otis Redding and The Supremes.


Our area has a strong association with popular music from jazz and blues to R&B and rock.

Over the years groups such as The Rolling Stones, Eagles, Pink Floyd, Billy Joel and Elton John have performed at Clemson University and other venues.


The Festival is a 501c3 non-profit corporation benefiting our local charities. Each year the Festival donates thousands of dollars to the community as we leverage your contributions through our music events. Can the festival help your charity? E-Mail VinceJackson529@att.net.


Please join with us this year as we celebrate the music that makes our area great.

Help us keep the music alive.Your support is greatly appreciated.

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